Plenty of books about the endtimes have been written based on personal visions or wild interpretations of Scripture.This is not one of those books. I have a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies. I am a student of Church history. I am not going to fill this book with subjective visions and fantasies regarding private interpretations of the endtimes. Enough of those books already exist, and the Holy Spirit had me avoid them for two and half years so that He could prepare my heart for what He wanted to show me.

Here are my starting points.

  • Every part of the Gospel is simple, including the teaching regarding the endtimes. If something is too complex for the average person to grasp, then it is being taught wrongly.
  • Our view of the future should not cause fear. No part of the Gospel (which literally means “good news”) ever causes fear.
  • Our understanding of the endtimes determines how we live our lives and whether we plan long-term, build a legacy, prepare our children for a lifetime of service to the Lord, and so forth.A correct view of the endtimes will set us free from fear. It will cause us to have a renewed passion for Jesus rather than an obsession with the antichrist.

Since many of you did not grow up in “Pan-Millennial” households, it is possible that you have been force-fed a particular point of view for many years. I would ask you to lay down what you have heard all your life and consider opening your heart to hear a fresh understanding from the Holy Spirit. In trade, I as the author promise to write simply. I will choose not to use large theological terms. I will not waste your time; I will respect your time as my reader. I can promise you that I will not try to coerce you into agreement with me, but I will share with you what the Holy Spirit has shown me, and you can test all things and hold fast that which is good (see 1 Thess. 5:21).

Thank you for investing your time in this book; it will be worth it.


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