Spiritual intimacy




I did not plan to write a book on SPIRITUAL INTIMACY and was pleasant- ly surprised when the Lord directed me to do so in the middle of the school term (STATION OF LIFE March 2000). Although I had some struggles at first, God in His goodness led me to finish the book in just five days.

I felt the impact of the Holy Spirit all through the writing of this book as I began to draw from my own personal experiences and also from fresh rev- elational knowledge from the Psalms and the relationship between David and Jonathan. May the reading of this book impact you too.

I pray this book will give you a clearer comprehension of what spiritual intimacy is all about. I do not purport to know everything about spiritual intimacy but I do know enough to write this book. I pray and pray that it will bless you by spurring you into deeper and more meaningful intimacy with Father God. Enjoy the book and share it with others.


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