THE WORLD WILL SEE WHO IS GOD. His fire will fall baptizing thousands and then millions in this order.

Healing is his heart. Grace for healing, grace for miracles, His heart is burning for healing of the nations, restoration wil take place. Restoration of families, restoration for nature, restoration for the animals, Restoration for the sons of God.

There are so many who have been faithful behind the scenes. Those who have been prepared for this generation. Those who have seen what money can do to ministries, and have said NO! Those who have seen how people have played with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and have said NO! Those who have seen the abused children that the Son of God Jesus Christ our lord and Savior broth into there care, and said NO! Those who have seen how the church was raised up to the standaards of this world, and roared NO!

To these God gave the privilege of becoming sons in this generation. Sons who will rase their stafs and shout forwards!, full of purpose and wisdom to built according the pattern of the fathers heart.

The test of the sons are coming. And it is up to us if Gods people are going to enter in to the promised land. Pray for boldness! Do not be afraid, Because God is with us.

Always prepare for the next generation!
Joshua 1:1-9


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