This morning as I awakened I heard the lord calling me because He wanted to talk to me about what is coming next year. This is what He says.

Prepare, prepare for there is coming a war on finances. Store up for yourselves because the day is near. Do not wait. Do not get caught by surprise, do not think it is all going to be fine, but prepare. Put some money aside, not in the bank, not digitally.

I see turmoil under the people of this world, society is going to be in a distressing time. I see various demonstrations against governments. I see uproar amongst uproar. If this will not be bad enough, there is going to be a calamity amidst the people of God. Believer will rise against believer. Other confusion will take place. Men and women wil not know who to trust in this hour. Just as Jesus warned for false Christ’s, so also there is a warning issued from Heaven against false leaders in the body of Christ (id. as false Messiah’s). This will not be about doctrinal errors, this will be about leading people and believers to destruction by speaking presumptuously words that did not come from the Lord.

This shaking is going to last until al the tares are sifted out from the wheat. There is going to come a divide between the true beliers and those who sought God for what they wanted. After this shaking there will come a true restoration and an emerging of the true Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. And a real change will take place. The revival everybody is crying out for is not going to look like whatever we thought it will be, but it will be one characterized by peace and love. It will be a time of restoration. A time of rebuilding as the former things of old pas away. After this shaking there will be a search for true leaders in the body of Christ. Men and women who will carry a different sound. Not one of confusion but one of peace and hope in a restored humanity crying out “No more, No more, Never again, will the Son be ignored and despised”, and the Lord of Glory shall come in and be glorified and magnified.

Peace on earth, Peace among men. For a new day will come forth. A day of reckoning has gone and past. The emergence of the true Church, the true body of Christ is at hand and it will be a glorious one. This all will take place and it will last 3 years.

Be careful, be warned, because it will seem to get better at times and suddenly something worse will happen then the last evil/shaking. Be careful, be watchful, be prayerful to head my voice for further instructions. The time is near, the time is now, and then the end will come. Do not loose hope, do not despair. All this must take place “I Am!” the Lord your God, and I Am always with you. I love you with an everlasting love. Remember that, remember this.

Many will die and many will cry out and say “why is this necessary?”. Many will loose their faith in God and humanity. But all this will take place because people did not listen to the Lord their God. They trusted in themselves and ignored the call to repentance and indulged in the wine of their day. They became drunk and careless and feasted as they saw fit. Now they will reap what they have sown, their hearts will fail and fall in themselves and they will be rudely awakened in this hour from their sleep and slumber from the drowsiness of the wine of this current world. “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to rest,” Then your poverty will come as a robber, And your want like an armed man. And you will reap what you have sown.

Let the Lord of Heaven be praised, praise Him all His hosts, let the King of Glory be lifted up, shout for joy all you His angels, for the King of glory will receive all Glory and Honor. All Glory and Honor belong to Him. Praise Him with a new song.

New songs will emerge. The songs of His people giving Glory and Honor to Him the King of Kings. New songs of angels who will shout “Glory”, for the King of Kings deserves all the Glory. A time for dancing and rejoicing in the Glory amongst the darkness of this world. Glorious encounters, Heaven on earth for the Church like bubbles of Glory unexplainable, light and positivity will be found with the true believers during this time. They will be caught up in Glory as they gather together in their homes to pray. They will experience unexplainable encounters in the Glory as God tabernacles among them. Look for the angels that come with special assignments. Receive them and they will minister miraculous things as the Lord sends them in the turmoil to His people.

There will be a Glorious difference and soon the world will see that God is among a people. First they will be blind, but sooner or later they will quiet down and start noticing His people and experience His peace.

Be blessed and know my flock that “I Am” is always with you.


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